About Us

Compulsory Egyptian Medical Training Authority (CEMTA) was established by virtue of the decision of His Excellency the Prime Minister No. 210 dated 31/1/2016 and amended by decision No. 2045. The authority shall have the legal personality and follow the Prime Minister. The authority shall work in coordination with all the scientific and training entities within the Republic.


The Authority will be responsible for the accreditation of all members of medical professions, recognized internationally and Its decisions certified to be credible and objective. It will be also able to develop itself in pursuit of excellence and competitiveness at the regional and international levels


Our mission is patient safety and improvement of the medical practice and the quality of health care through setting of standards to obtain a certificate and license of practice and renewal of this license. We also support members of medical professions to meet these standards throughout their careers.


We are committed in our performance to neutrality, professional standards and accuracy in line with best international practices. We practice honesty, transparency and mutual respect during performance of our jobs

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall be formed by a decision of the Prime Minister based on the recommendation of the Ministers of Health, Population, Higher Education and Scientific Research, and the term of the board shall be three years, renewable once.

Scientific Committees

Each scientific committee is composed of thirteen members as follows: (Seven members from the universities nominated by the medical studies sector committee, chosen from among the candidates from different universities - a member of the Faculty of Medicine, Al Azhar University - four members nominated by the Ministry of Health and Population - and member nominated by the Military Medical Academy), All members of the committees are required to have a doctorate in the specialization, and to have experience in professional training, assessment systems, and examinations. Each committee shall elect its president by a majority vote of its members. The president shall select a member as its rapporteur. The duration of membership of the scientific committee of its members is three years, renewable once, taking into account the non-renewal of half of the members of the scientific committees after the first period only, allowing at least the mid-term renewal of the members of the committees every three years, for the transfer of expertise over the successive committees.

Central Scientific Committees

The main tasks of the central scientific committees are to develop the general strategies of training programs in accordance with the objectives of the Authority, to develop assessment and examination methods in accordance with international standards, and to supervise the specialized scientific committees so that the work of the specialized committees is consistent with the objectives set in advance, and to submit an annual report on training and examinations to the Board of Directors for review and general evaluation, and the development of mechanisms of differentiation in the selection of members of the specialized committees in accordance with the criteria adopted by the Governing Council, and follow-up the work of the specialized committees..

Specialized Scientific Committees

The main tasks of the specialized scientific committees are to develop the operational plan for the training program for each medical specialty, to develop the examination of specialization and excellence to be consistent with the standards set by the Central Committee, and to supervise the various training sectors so that the work in these sectors is consistent with the goals set in advance, and to submit an annual report on training and examinations to the Board of Directors of the Authority for general review and evaluation..