11 October 2021 Inauguration of the first forum of the Egyptian Authority for Compulsory Training of Physicians

Dr. Ahmed Othman, head of the Egyptian Authority for Compulsory Training of Physicians, affiliated to the Council of Ministers, said that the aim of the first forum of the authority is to develop a vision or framework for compulsory training for undergraduate students, noting that the forum sets the basics for mandatory training for doctors after graduation, prepares training programs and presents positive experiences.

Othman added, during the first forum of the authority, in cooperation with the Medical Sector Committee of the Supreme Council of Universities, today, Thursday, at the Alexandria Medical Training Center at the Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, that the forum will discuss the training programs for doctors during the training period established through a program that began to be implemented in medical faculties in Egypt since 3 years, evaluating current programs and presenting and discussing proposals from medical schools in different universities.

He added that the forum's activities will include activating the electronic file for medical trainees, and evaluating the various examination methods during and at the end of the scheduled training period.

Dr. Abdulaziz Qanswa, President of Alexandria University, said that the medical system will witness a tremendous development during the coming period in which the simplest citizen can receive treatment without suffering, adding: "Our work is an institutional work."

He stressed the need for a medical graduate to be in an appropriate form, following that the University of Alexandria has developed a joint degree program with the University of Manchester to transfer experience to Egyptian students, expressing his happiness that Alexandria University is a building block of the medical sector in cooperation with the mandatory authority for medical training in the field of training, and pointed out that The Medical Sector Committee of the Supreme Council of Universities is a locomotive that leads other trains behind it.

Dr. Mohamed Latif, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Universities, in his speech on behalf of Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, stressed that the scientific research index is growing positively through the increase in the number of published research and Egyptian journals that have become visible at the international level, noting that Expatriates wish to enroll in Alexandria University due to its high internationally advanced ranking.

He added that the political leadership is keen on the joint partnership between Egyptian and international universities to transfer expertise and the weight of the medical profession and training, within the framework of keeping pace with progress in the Ministry of Higher Education.

He added that it is necessary to take into account the appropriate numbers of training and private universities that do not have private hospitals for training, and their students train in government colleges and other private hospitals where there are hospitals that are not sufficiently prepared.

For his part, Dr. Adel Adawi, Secretary of the Medical Sector Committee at the Supreme Council of Universities and former Minister of Health, said that there are challenges in the educational system, foremost of which is the two-year mandatory training for doctors, which prepares for high-level medical graduates without following traditional methods.

Dr. Hussein Khaled, Chairman of the Medical Sector Committee at the Supreme Council of Universities, pointed out the importance of integration between disciplines in order to improve medical performance in general.

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