The purpose is to upgrade the training of the doctor so that it is safer for patients and more efficient, experienced and knowledgeable about what is going on at the local, regional and international levels of new developments and experiences in the field of medicine. The Authority was issued by a decision of the Prime Minister No. 210 of 2016, The Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Higher Education. The first is to train physicians in the period of excellence, whether for one year as currently practiced or two years of training for new students who will enter medical schools next year 2019.
CEMTA activities also include practice license renewal. This will not be by exam, but by a system of accredited hours by attending local and international medical conferences and workshops. The renewal will be every five years, because there is no license to practice the profession for life. And the doctor obtains the license once he graduates and practices the profession for life. This is not globally available. Therefore, it is necessary to re-establish the license to ensure that the doctor actually practices the profession and studies and learns the latest developments in the world.
The new generation of doctors are targeted for us, and more hope in these because they are the future for us in the practice of medicine and licensing for the first time, and we will have a database of all doctors in Egypt and will be communicating with the concerned bodies such as the Ministry of Health Medical Association of Higher Education so that we have a rule Data by doctors and their activities to re-authorize doctors easily.
The certificate of the Egyptian Board is a professional certificate in which the doctor trains on a specific specialty. The doctor enters the program for 5 years, part of it is compulsory in the universities and part in the health or army hospitals or hospitals accredited by CEMTA, Thus, each doctor gets the same level of training and has the same efficiency when he gets Egyptian Board certificate.
The training is divided into two parts: First, the infrastructure, where the training will be conducted, in terms of availability of certain requirements from outside clinics, operating rooms, intensive care, and testing devices so that the doctor can perform the basic training tasks. So that we evaluate the infrastructure and whether the conditions are met or not, and it is expected that most university hospitals will be eligible for training, then the educational hospitals in the Ministry of Health, and any hospital that meets the criteria will enter automatically.
The training of the student has nothing to do with the exam, because it will be a central examination by a committee of the Authority, and the exam will be through a "question bank" and not by a specific person, and therefore the coach has nothing to do with the exam, it only trains the student on certain skills so that the student is eligible to enter The final exam was set by the Central Committee of the Commission at the level of the Republic.
The exam will be at the national level and in the same punishment for all students in places equipped for the exam, and after passing the examination, the student can obtain a license to practice the profession.